Full Service Sales and Fulfillment Services


Customizable Solutions Designed For You!

theconnextion.com digital marketing ecommerce onlinestoreThe ConneXtion offers three customizable merchandise sales and fulfillment solutions. Our products and services help to create awareness of your uniquely branded merchandise through our adaptable online ecommerce platform and backend fulfillment services. Choose from A) a proprietary store platform with full-service fulfillment and account management; B) fulfillment only services; or, C) seasonal, promotional, or one-time fulfillment services, perfect for your crowdfunding campaign or annual special event. Need something a little more customizable? Let us build a solution that works best for you.

Proprietary Storefront + Fulfillment + Account Management (Complete Package)

theconnextion.com website storefront merchandise sales fulfillmentUsing your established branding guidelines, The ConneXtion IT team will design, build, manage, and maintain your eCommerce site as a proprietary storefront using our backend technology. You will be assigned an account manager who will assist you with set-up and ongoing management of your storefront, your unique customer experience, and work with your in-house team to assist with your outbound marketing communications and promotions. Your account manager will also help you keep an eye on current inventory, customer relationships, the need to adjust your sales strategy. We will develop timely direct mail and organic and paid social media campaigns, designed to engage new customers and create awareness of merchandise, festivals and special events.

Fulfillment Only Services (The Heavy Lifting)

If you are looking for a full service seamless API integration for your existing online store, The ConneXtion will function solely as your backend warehouse, fulfillment, and customer service provider. The ConneXtion handles the critical logistics of the fulfillment process including inventory management, quality control, warehousing, and picking/packing/shipping of your orders. Additionally, The ConneXtion Logistics and Fulfillment Team handles all related customer services issues and keeps your order status current through accurate monthly accounting and reporting detail. Fulfillment Only customers receive ongoing support and assistance through The ConneXtion’s IT Team.

Seasonal, Promotional, One Time (Ready When You Need Us)

If you’re looking for solutions to help with your annual or one-off events, for seasonal fundraisers and occasional promotions, consider The ConneXtion’s fulfillment only solutions. These services include: receiving, counting in, picking, packing, and shipping out to your customers. We then count and return all unsold inventory to you.

General Admission Ticket Sales (Direct To Customers or Will Call)

The ConneXtion will build awareness of merchandise sales by integrating your ticket sales via your storefront.  Your Account Manager will work with you to create bundles of Tickets + Merchandise to increase the spend from your attendees.  The ConneXtion will also advise on how to incorporate timely sales incentives to increase ticket sales in the form of online promotions.

Merchandise Design and Procurement

The ConneXtion will supply any branded product and wearable apparel item available in the international marketplace today. We know what’s trending so our merch experts can offer suggestions as to the latest styles and colors providing you with a complete selection of the most popular items being purchased. This gives you an advantage ensuring your storefront represents the preferred styles and colors made available to your fans!