Fulfillment Services

The ConneXtion eCommerce Sales and Fulfillment Services

The ConneXtion's Fulfillment Solutions - The foundation of all our company offers.

The ConneXtion Merchandise Sales SolutionsSimply, fulfillment are the steps required in the point of sale process, from the the initial purchase to the picking, packing, shipping and tracking of the item or products purchased.

At The ConneXtion, we also define fulfillment as the extra care we take with monthly inventory management, tracking shipped orders, and managing post-sales relationships through dutiful customer relationship management.

Unique to each client, The ConneXtion's fulfillment solutions can be part of a whole eCommerce solution, or scaled down to seasonal or occasional needs.


Once the customized storefront is up and running to our Client's satisfaction, we begin the behind the scenes work of accepting your inventory into The ConneXtion's Fulfillment Center. There you will find our team hard at work cataloging and organizing inventory, making certain every shipping detail is in place before the orders start rolling in.

If you're looking for a full service seamless integration for your existing online store, The ConneXtion will function solely as your backend warehouse, fulfillment, and customer service provider.

The ConneXtion handles the critical logistics of the fulfillment process including inventory management, quality control, warehousing, and picking/packing/shipping of your orders. Additionally, The ConneXtion Logistics and Fulfillment Team handles all related customer services issues and keeps your order status current through accurate monthly accounting and reporting detail.

Seasonal and Special Events client's receive the same dependable fulfillment treatment. We pick, pack and ship entire orders direct to festivals and special events  making it easy for staff and volunteers to get ready for day-of distribution. Once the event is over, the client simply returns all inventory to our warehouse where we re-stock and balance inventory reports. It's that easy!

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If you’re looking for solutions to help with your annual or one-off events, for seasonal fundraisers and occasional promotions, consider The ConneXtion’s Fulfillment Only Solutions. These services include: receiving, counting in, picking, packing, and shipping out to your customers. We then count and return all unsold inventory to you.