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The ConneXtion eCommerce Sales and Fulfillment Services
Anacortes, Washington, HQ to The ConneXtion

Since 1997, The ConneXtion has been a family-owned and operated business providing Direct2Consumer sales, marketing, and fulfillment solutions for hundreds of festivals, concerts, fashion brands, musicians and bands, filmmakers, comedians, independent labels, foodies and more.

While we strive to color within the lines of three primary verticals, we are not afraid to step up to new challenges and go where we have yet to travel. We are capable and flexible team of professionals who come together to provide our clientele with affordable, dependable eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

Our Executive Management Team brings together more than 60 years combined experience in the D2C market space working with clients targeting audiences of festival and event attendees, special event and concert goers, and collectors of uniquely branded, commemorative and collectible merchandise. Our clientele represents for profit and not-for-profit organizations and agencies of all sizes and budgets.

The ConneXtion delivers eCommerce, merchandise procurement and design, marketing, and customizable fulfillment services via three national locations in Anacortes, Washington, Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.

HQ + Biz Dev + West Coast Fulfillment | Anacortes, WA

Headquartered in Anacortes, Washington, our bicoastal team provides white glove services on behalf of our Clients to their customers. Let The ConneXtion team build a customized ecommerce sales and fulfillment solution that works for you!

Todd Young, Founder + President

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Todd Young, launched his career in the entertainment industry working as a roadie touring with west coast bands. Traveling to gigs, assisting with set-up and handling merchandise promotions and sales, Todd knew there had to be a better way to manage and distribute merch so he began to explore efficient sales and dependable fulfillment processes, leading Todd to establish The ConneXtion.

As technology advanced, the company would evolve and grow to meet client demands, ultimately introducing a proprietary platform for online merchandise sales.

More than two decades later, Todd and his wife Janna, along with young brother Collin Young, have continued to nurture and grow the family-run bi-coastal business extending their offerings to a broader market including performers, festivals, events, and specialty food artisans. Todd remains committed to overseeing the daily activities of The ConneXtion business and continuing to find ways to keep the company relevant and efficient for his clients.

Evenings and weekend’s you might drop-in on DJ Todd hosting the NeXt show, a live streaming broadcast radio talk show features local musicians from around the Pacific Northwest.

Janna Young, Founder + Director of Warehouse Operations

Janna Young graduated from The University of Texas with a Psychology degree, but something pulled her in the direction of the music industry after college. She managed record stores for 6 years in Austin, Arlington, and Dallas before getting her foot in the door at PolyGram Distribution. She met Todd right after she was hired at PolyGram in Dallas, and was soon transferred down to Houston, TX as a Field Representative. After working for PolyGram and later Universal Music, Janna decided to leave the corporate world and join Todd at The ConneXtion.

Janna has worn many hats in her 20+ years including managing customer service, programming, inventory management, fulfillment, account management, and marketing communications. Today, Janna oversees the Warehouse Team and manages the day-to-day operations of the warehouse.

In her spare time, Janna loves cooking, traveling, hiking, photography, gardening, and of course, hanging out with her awesome family!

Doug Cassidy, eCommerce Technology

Doug Cassidy is a web developer, father, and musician. He has been building websites from the ground up since 2001. A self starter, Doug began learning basic programming in the ’80’s as a kid. Throughout the years he has witnessed the many changes in technology, particularly development and design, adapting along the way.

Doug’s years of web development experience give him the practical knowledge to build in HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. He also brings to The ConneXtion knowledge and practical experience working with third party API’s like Google, Mailchimp, Facebook, and many other social integrations.

In this era of demand for responsive digital technology, Doug builds sites that are functional across all user platforms, supporting all technological  aspects of our client’s online storefronts.

In his off time, Doug plays guitar and bass in local bands and participates in the regional music scene through his passion for recording and engineering. But his most important gig is playing father to his awesome, college-aged son, of whom he is extremely proud.

Operations + Administration | Austin, TX

Austin is home to a world of musical experieces and the base camp for The ConneXtion’s Operations Team. With an international music vibe, it only makes sense that The ConneXtion would have more than a few well… connections.

The ConneXtion team is most grateful for the longstanding relationships we have built in this community including our work with SXSW and Austin City Limits. In today’s advanced world of digital access, we have the opportunity to serve clients and their customers from wherever they are in the world.

Collin Young, Operations

Collin Young joined The ConneXtion in 2010 after completing his undergraduate studies in Political Science. After a long stint overseas, Collin eventually found his way to Austin. Captivated by the vibrant sense of community and strong local music scene, it quickly became home.

Working in the music industry had always been an exciting prospect for Collin, and not long after arriving in Austin, he became The ConneXtion’s anchor there and has never looked back.  Since then he has contributed to almost every role inside the company, giving him a unique ability to look at the organization and operation as a whole and help the team to constantly find ways to better serve our clients.

He is passionate about music, creativity, and empowering the artist and fan.


Merch Design + Manufacturing | Nashville, TN

A 21st-century business model relies on adaptable teams to come together regardleess of location. This is the flexible business model of The ConneXtion.  Our east coast satellite hub is located in the heartland of southern music vibrations, Nashville, Tennessee. It is also the home of a couple of our favorite longstanding clients. This is where you’ll find The ConneXtion’s Merchandise Team, hard at work on creating uniquely original designs, sourcing the right merch, swag, and promo items, and managing the critical processes of making sure our Clients get what they need, when and where they need it on time and on budget.

Account Management + Marketing | San Francisco, CA

Often described as a handsomely seaport and a magical vortex of all things fine art, exceptional music performances, and great food, it makes sense that The ConneXtion would have a presence in this west coast creative community. San Francisco is home to The ConneXtion’s daily client account management activities and the launch pad for marketing and communications strategies.

Michael Abrams, Director of Account Management

Michael is a native of Music City, USA – Nashville, Tennessee. He has been involved in the music scene in some way, shape, or form from a very young age. From marching and performing in high-school and college drumlines, to being the frontman for hardcore/punk bands, Michael is passionate about keeping music in his heart.

He onboarded with The ConneXtion after a year of service with AmeriCorps working in the Anacortes, Washington school district. After spending some time in customer service and warehouse management, he stepped-up to the official role of Account Manager.

Adventure came calling, so he returned to his roots for a short stay with family in Nashville. He then felt the calling to explore cultures in the southernmost regions of North American, discovering Oaxaca, Mexico. Michael finally landed in the San Francisco Bay Area where he appears to be planted for a while. When work is done for the day, you will find him rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, or camping and communing with nature.

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