Merchandise Procurement + Design + Manufacturing

Print on Demand (POD) vs Traditional Screen Printing

The ConneXtion is proud to offer state of the art Print On Demand services! POD is a digital printing technology in which inventory is created on an as needed basis. The POD model flies in the face of traditional Merchandise Manufacturing, where bulk quantities are produced prior to sales and distribution. However, with POD the price per item is higher. It is a complicated matrix to determine when POD services are right for your project. Let the experts at The Connextion help you weigh the pros and cons so you are in the best position to maximize the sales and profitability of your project!

Merchandise procurement, design, and manufacturing is made easy with the help of The ConneXtion's knowledgeable team.

Merchandise consists of wearables and swag of all types. Through our industry connections we enjoy long-established relationships with wholesale suppliers and vendors giving The ConneXtion buying power to negotiate the most competitive purchasing options on behalf of our clients. The ConneXtion’s Merchandising Team has access to more than 100,000 innovative products consisting of wearables, commemorative memorabilia, collectables, and fashionable swag.

The ConneXtion's Design Team leads you through the process of creating a fresh and contemporary design that engages and builds loyalty with your desired audience. We then help you select the best seasonal merchandise at a price that fits your budget.

The ConneXtion will supply any branded product and wearable apparel item available in the international marketplace today. We know what’s trending so our merch experts can offer suggestions as to the latest styles and colors providing you with a complete selection of the most popular items being purchased. This gives you an advantage ensuring your storefront represents the preferred styles and colors made available to your fans!

Don't leave something as important as your image in the hands of just anyone. Leverage The ConneXtion's years of merchandise design expertise.

A Knowledgeable and Connected Network of Suppliers

The ConneXtion’s design experts have decades of hands-on industry experience engineering graphics for textiles. This ensures your products are top notch. Once your quote is approved, we provide high quality product proofs that ensure you get exactly what you are ordering.  No surprises when the merch arrives based on our state of the art proofing process.

The ConneXtion offers the services of artistic design professionals who will work with you and your design group to build a unique identity for your storefront brands.

Professional and Contemporary Designs

Already have a design or branding great to go? Or, have a sketch you want our team to build upon?

Great! Our artists will collaborate with you to translate, customize, and enhance your existing artwork and design elements to create unique new branded imagery your customers will love!

The ConneXtion works with each client as a partner, sourcing, designing, and manufacturing top quality merchandise.

Through your own website, The ConneXtion’s integrated storefront creates opportunities to build an improved user experience (UX) with your audience by introducing new products and ticketing options into the purchasing process. From branded wearables and merchandise (i.e., sweatshirts, tee shirts, hats, bandanas, sunglasses, flip flops, drinkware, totes and bags, and more...), festival and event tickets, exclusive VIP opportunities and passes, loyalty/membership rewards, group ticket sales, or other fun ways to create relevant and authentic engagement, The ConneXtion's Account Management Team will work with you throughout the selection, design, and manufacturing process, to develop a full line of innovative products for your unique storefront.

The ConneXtion offers ongoing engagement with your audience. As an added value to promote future releases, festivals, special events, concerts, or other experiences, we collect user data from your sales activity to assist you with remarketing. This data allows you insight to your audience, management and forecasting of your inventory, strategies for pre- and post-event merchandise sales and advance ticket sales, while providing you with improved predictive analytics on attendees and merchandise inventory management. The ConneXtion's Account Management Team will assist you in campaign development.