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Pelada DVD (Institutional/Educational Use): 50% OFF!...$112.50
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**Purchase this version of Pelada to use in an institutional/educational setting. Educational and non-theatrical copies of Pelada are available for purchase for use by libraries, colleges, K-12 schools, media centers, and other non-profit educational organizations. The purchase of these titles includes library/check out use, classroom use, and non-theatrical Public Performance Rights. No admission can be charged and screenings may not be open to the public. These rights are guaranteed in perpetuity for the life of the copy. Please note: It is a violation of copyright law to host a public screening of Pelada using the Private Home Use DVD. In order to be in compliance with the law and support the filmmakers, please purchase an institutional copy or contact us about a one time screening fee. Email: info@pelada-movie.com
Community Screening Kit: 50% OFF!...$100.00
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Host your own community screening and/or raise funds for your club soccer team or local non profit. Purchase the Community Screening Kit to obtain the proper licensing to publicly screen Pelada. The kit includes 1 DVD with a one time public screening license plus 5 additional DVDs with a total resale value of $100.

Fundraising Tips:
Bundle the screening kit with a multi-pack of Pelada DVDs available in the store and sell additional DVDs for $20.00 each to raise funds. Ask for a requested donation or ticket admission at the door to raise additional funds.

*Note these DVDs are not licensed for use in universities, schools, or public libraries. For all Educational sales please see Educational/Institutional copies available in the store.

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