How do gift certificates work?
When you purchase a gift certificate, you will be asked to provide the name and email address of the person that will receive the certificate. You can also provide a short personal message to the recipient. When you checkout, we will send the gift certificate via email to the recipient letting them know just how cool you are, and that you just gave them a gift that they won’t want to return this year.

Your lucky friend will be able to use the gift certificate during checkout, entering the gift certificate code just like a regular coupon. If their order is less than the amount of the certificate, they will be issued a new gift certificate for the remaining balance. If their order total is more than the amount of their certificate, they can enter payment information for the remaining balance just as they would during a normal checkout process.

Please note, there will be no refunds given for gift certificates, they are good for merchandise only. Gift certificates have a 1 year expiration date.

How do you redeem a gift certificate?

First things first, browse a few of our hundreds of stores to find exactly what you want to buy. When you are ready to checkout, click on “Begin Secure Checkout” on the cart page to begin the process.

When you get to Step 1 of 2, fill in the Gift Certificate Code field with the code you received in your gift certificate email. The next page, Step 2 of 2 you will see your gift certificate applied to your shopping cart.

If your gift certificate is enough to cover the full cost of your order, then you are ready to submit your order! After your order is processed, you will be issued a brand new gift certificate for the remaining balance of your original certificate.

If your gift certificate doesn’t quite cover the full cost of your order, you can enter your credit card information for the remaining order balance, and then you are ready to submit your order.