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Rezso Kasztner known as the Jewish Schindler, negotiated face to face with Adolf Eichmann, rescuing 1700 Jews on a train to Switzerland. Yet Kasztner was condemned as a traitor in his adopted country of Israel; accused as a collaborator in a trial and verdict that divided a nation, and assassinated by Jewish right wing extremists in Tel Aviv in 1957. Director Gaylen Ross investigates this tale of murder, intrigue, and heroism with startling revelations after 50 years by Kasztner's assassin, Ze'ev Eckstein, and a chilling meeting between the killer and Kasztner's daughter, Zsuzsi.

Reviews for Killing Kasztner:

 Best Documentaries of 2010
- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Ten Best Films of the Year"
- Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post

"A gripping study of how a nation defines itself through its heroes"
- New York Time Out

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