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The Whateverly Brothers: Keep 'Em Coming...$15

Jono Manson and long-time collaborator George "Breakfast" Bacon are The Whateverly Brothers. They have been writing songs together for the better part of two decades.

"Keep 'em Coming" is a collection of 22 of their mostly acoustic recordings.

1. When All Else Fails
2. When The Sun Goes Out Over Ireland
3. Like A Child
4. Here Tonight
5. I Prefer To Walk
6. Still Aint Figured It Out
7. Darling
8. I Never Want To Be Your Ex
9. Ponytail
10. Red Wine In The Afternoon

Bonus Tracks!
The Entire 2001 Release "Global Toast"

1. Gaslight
2. Will There Be Love
3. Warm Love
4. In The Arms Of Only You
5. Walking Down Your Street
6. I've Got Love
7. Keep My Mouth Shut
8. Miles Away
9. You're Not The Only One
10. A Dream Undone
11. Nowhere To Go
12. Something Else

Under the Stone
Little Big Man
(3 CDs packaged together with NO box...that's the ECO part!)

1.If I was 10,000 People
2.The Fourth Of July
3.Surprise, Surprise
4.No Even If I Could
5.How Long Have You Been Standing There
6.Rolling Down The Highway
7.What's Left
8.The Unbearable Longness Of Boring
9.Never Ever Say Goodbye
10.Wonder Wheel
11.If You Gotta Go, Go Now
12.The Power Of One
13. Here Tonight

Recorded in the studio of Manson's old friend and collaborator, Craig Dreyer (who also co-produced the project) just outside of New York City, where the two musicians previously played together in the popular early-1990's club band "The Mighty Sweetones". The basic tracks for the 12 songs were all recorded in one day. And after a week of overdubbing in New York, Denver, and Sarzana, Italy the record was ready to be mixed and mastered. The musicians featured on This CD includes some of the most active players on the New York scene today, along with many long-time Manson collaborators.

1. I'll Tell You What I Know
2. Jr. Walker Drove The Bus
3. Ends of the Earth
4. Backseat Driver
5. Do You Really Think You're Going Somewhere?
6. Darling
7. Please Stop Playing That Didgeridoo
8. Never Too Drunk To Funk
9. Red Wine in the Afternoon
10. The One That Got Away
11. Telling on Yourself
12. Summertime's Almost Over

"Gamblers" is a collaboration with Jono's 'Club de Musique' label-mate Paolo Bonfanti, who is one of the best known blues/rock guitarists in his native Italy. After playing a string of US festival dates, Paolo came to Jono's studio in New Mexico in the fall of 2002 and the album was recorded in ten days. Steve Lindsay and Mark Clark are featured on bass and drums, and special guests include Wally Ingram (percussion), Beppe Gambetta (guitar), John Egenes (pedal steel) and Captain Rudy (hammond organ).
Under The Stone...$12

Jono's latest CD, released in Italy and available in the US only as an import. The disc features fourteen new recordings and a great cast of players. Produced by Manson, it was recorded at "MedioMedia", in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.
Live Your Love...$15

1. No Alternative
2. Jackie's Dive
3. Joe Sawyer
4. Scene Of The Crime
5. Some Kind Of Fool
6. Written In Stone
7. Jerusalem
8. Live Your Love
9. Try And Try Again
10. Alibi
11. Welcome To The World
12. She Don't Matter Anymore
13. Stand Up Straight
14. Home Before Dark
15. If I Were You
One Horse Town...$15

Recorded in 1994, this disc features guest spots by members of the James Brown Horns, Nicky Hopkins, and Blues Traveler frontman John Popper, to name a few.
Little Big Man...$12

Produced by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, and recorded by the Skeletons' Lou Whitney at The Studio in Springfield, MO. This album rocks!

An intimate solo acoustic performance recorded at Santa Fe's Cowgirl Hall of Fame on Sept. 6, 1996. Features many classic Jono tunes as well as a nice selection of blues standards not to be found on any of his studio albums.
Bootlegged Compilation...$10

Features previously unreleased live tracks by a host of the best "Jam Bands" including Jono's tune "Sad State of Affairs". Also on this disc: Gov't Mule, Aquarium Rescue Unit and many more!
CD Single: Black Blue Jeans...$4

"Black Blue Jeans" is a great gospel-tinged ballad (from "One Horse Town") with Nicky Hopkins on piano and Jeffrey Barr on organ. The cd also includes five bonus acoustic tracks, not available on any other release.
Produced by Jono Manson
Stefano Barotti: Uomini in Costruzione...$15

Stefano Barotti is a critically acclaimed Italian singer-songwriter from northern Tuscany. "Uomini in Costruzione" is his debut CD, released in Italy on Club de Musique records.

1. Lo Spaventapasseri
2. Compositore Di Canzoni
3. Lilli E Il Lupo
4. Uomini In Costruzione
5. Tornare A Scriver Di Notte
6. La Casa
7. Beatrice
8. Scarpette Rosse
9. Piove
10. Forte Dei Marmi
11. Il Legno E Le Corde
12. In Oualche Parte Del Mondo
Bruce Donnola: Vaudeville...$15

This guy is a GREAT New York based singer/songwriter and one of Jono's long-time co-conspirators.
Jono brought Bruce to the wilds of New Mexico and back to New York to finish this disc of fantastic tunes.
Players include Ian Wallace, Neil "Surreal" Thomas, David Hamburger, Andy Resnick, Steve Lindsay and Jono Manson.
Jamie Michaels: Angelus...$15

Jono produced, recorded, and mixed this album
for award-winning singer/songwriter Jaime Michaels.
Kevin Trainor: MMMMMMMM...$15

Co-produced, recorded and mixed by Manson at MedioMedia,
this is the second solo album from former "Surreal McCoy" Kevin Trainor.
Almost Home...$15
Color: White
Little Big Man...$15
Color: Sage
The Mighty Revelators...$15
Color: Natural
Size: Extra Large

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