If Stars Could Talk - Digital Album - $9.99
Track Listing
1. Lets All Go To Mexico
2. Down on the Corner
3. If Stars Could Sing
4. Karma
5. Hotel California
6. Kiss & Makeup for Lost Time
7. When the Heart Takes Control
8. Little Nashville
9. Longnecks and Heartaches
10. Jivin Gear Jammer
11. Cardigan Sweater
12. Too Old to Die Young
13. Hotel California
14. The Ink Is Always Blue
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Purgatory Road - Digital Album - $8.99
Track Listing
1. Utopia
2. Purgatory Road
3. Can't Outdrink The Truth
4. Thunder & Lightning
5. Que No Puede Ver
6. Closer To My Dreams
7. The Ride
8. On The Run
9. Cobalt Blue
10. What Good Is I Love You
11. When You Whisper In My Ear

"Gripping, to say the least. The production textures are superb throughout the set, from the Latin groove of 'Que No Puede Ver' to the rolling country-rock of 'On the Run' and the rumbling, accusatory 'You Can't Outdrink the Truth.' Hearty recommendation."
-Robert K. Oermann, Music Row

"Like his college roommate Todd Snider, john Arthur martinez tends toward the folky side of country-flavored story-songs. PURGATORY ROAD finds an even keel with the rough highway tales of self-incrimination and loss ('Can't Outdrink the Truth,' 'Utopia') that are thoughtful without wallowing in hopelessness and despair ('Cobalt Blue,' 'Thunder & Lightning'). 'Que No Puede Ver' puts him square in the Americano camp, too."
-The Austin Chronicle
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Spinning Our Wheels - Digital Album - $8.99
Acoustic album featuring the violin work of Gene Elders, the percussion of Merel Bregante, and the harmonies of Christine Albert.

Track Listing
1. Spinning Our Wheels
2. The Ride
3. The Man Who Holds the Bow
4. Woman in Love
5. Thunder and Lightning
6. Rainy, Rainy Clouds
7. Long Walk Home
8. Once Upon a Broken Heart
9. Everyday Is Christmas
10. One Life, One Love
11. Spinning Our Wheels (reprise)
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Stand Your Ground - Digital Album - $8.99
Includes "The Armadillo Song", "Everything I Never Knew I Wanted", "The River of Love", "The Man Who Holds the Bow" - many of the songs he performed on 'Nashville Star'

Track Listing
1. The Man Who Holds the Bow
2. A Girl Named Texas
3. Pool Hall
4. Stand Your Ground
5. Here's to Boys
6. The Armadillo Song
7. El Rio Amor
8. Wild
9. Spinning Our Wheels
10. Everything I Never Knew I Wanted
11. Married to Your Memory
12. Jack of all Hearts
13. Show Me
14. Everyday is Christmas
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What A Christmas It Was! - Digital Album - $9.99
Track Listing
1. Joy To the World (words by Isaac Watts, music by Lowell Mason in 1839)
2. What a Christmas It Was (by john Arthur martinez)
3. Cascabel (translation by john Arthur martinez)
4. Every Day Is Christmas (by john Arthur martinez & Mike Blakely)
5. Angels We Have Heard on High (*old French Carol)
6. I Am (by john Arthur martinez)
7. Winter Sprites (by john Arthur martinez & Tom Clarke)
6. What Child Is This? (words by William Chatterton Dix, traditional melody)
9. Silent Night (Franz Xaver Gruber (1787-1863)
10. Auld Lang Syne (traditional folk song)
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You Play My Heart - Digital Album - $9.99
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Track Listing
1. You Don't Mean To Hurt Me
2. The Open Road
3. You Play My Heart
4. Sing Me Back Home
5. It's What I Do
6. Emmylou's Guitar
7. Dare To Dream Out Loud
8. Learn To Dance In the Rain
9. Tennessee Left Texas
10. Loneliest Star in Texas
11. I Know How To Fall
12. Cajita de Milagros
Bonus: Toca Mi Corazon
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