Live at Kennelly Keys CD...$12.00

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Track Listing
1. Darling I'm Gone (Studio Version)
2. Pockets (Studio Version)
3. Shade of Blue (Studio Version)
4. Still House Sounds
5. Fare Thee Well
6. Day Drinking
7. Bonnie and Clyde
8. Western Edge
9. Out of Time
10. Darling I'm Gone
11. Shade of Blue
12. Pockets
13. Roundabout
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Blue North CD: Autographed...$15.00

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Track Listing
1. Little Sister Can You Hear Me
2. Hoe and Harrow
3. Neah Bay
4. 'Til the Break of Day
5. The Banks of the Hollowed Out Tree
6. The Hollow
7. The Oysterman
8. Pounding Surf
9. Scotch Broom
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