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DIOS, ¿POR QUÉ? Ven y ve... - Digital Book - $10.95
DIOS, ¿Por qué? Ven y Ve... responde preguntas dificiles en una manera cautivante e iluminante. Estas respuestas hacen más fácil el confiar y el amarlo, cuando lo ves por quien El es en verdad. Único a nuestro libro, es el hecho que las mayorías de las preguntas son contestadas desde tres perspectivas: la del serio estudiante Bíblico o erudito, la del Cristiano creciendo o mente inquisitiva y la de nivel viceral del hombre de la calle.
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G.O.D. - Digital Book - $5.00
Gateways - Openings - Doors

Learn with us through our training manual how to open your Gateways – Openings – Doors, flow through them, from one to the next maximizing your ability to engage and connect with GOD through a GOD Given Pattern that will help you become ever more one with GOD and manifest HIM accordingly in and literally through you, with you, to all… Come and learn with us. Come and see… For HIS Glory.
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Why, God? Come and See... - Digital Book - $10.95
Why, God? Come and See...answers difficult questions in a captivating and enlightening manner. These answers make it easier to trust GOD and to love HIM, when you see HIM for WHO HE truly IS. Unique to our book, is the fact that most of the questions are answered from three perspectives: the serious Bible student or scholar, the growing Christian or enquiring mind, and the gut-level man-on-the-street.
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