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Finding love has never been easy. But it's also never been easier. Online dating sites thrive on the promise that dates and mates are just a 'click' away...but are they?

From Robert Kenner, director of last year's Oscar nominated 'Food, Inc.' comes a compelling new documentary about the way we woo in a wired world.

Kim wanted to meet someone who lived nearby. But her curiosity was piqued when she got a message through a dating site from a man living in Prague. Their email relationship grew to the point where she agreed to marry him...without meeting him, or even talking on the phone.

Ryan grew up in Billings, Montana, in a conservative Christian family. When he began to think he might be gay, he had no place to turn for support - except the Internet. But the lifeline turned into a threat when Ryan met 'rightbiguy' online.

I'm a five-foot tall guy, says Dave, but the Internet allowed me to delay that reality. For Dave it was easier to meet women online - and he met a lot. Dave tells his tales of serial dating with humor and self-reflection.

Thirty and single, Beth visited a psychic. But the future did not bode well, and she gave up on love. Andy, a comedy writer who married young and divorced late, had never been on a date. Against all the odds, the unlikely pair found each other online.

Jonas, a failed businessman, needed a change. He moved to a tiny Swedish island with his Mom and discovered Second Life, a real-time virtual world. There, he became Bara, an avatar that plays live music in his own virtual bar, and with the help of another avatar named Nickel, his career flourished. Now Bara and Nickel live virtually together on their romantic Second Life island.

When these strangers clicked, their lives changed forever...

"Absorbing ... a nuanced and enlightened view of romantic coupling ... Reserving judgment, the film beautifully explores the poignant nature of [one couple's] ambivalence toward solitude." - The New York Times

"These are love stories for our time." -New York Daily News

"The twists are stunning ... The fifth story is the most mind-blowing." -Denver Post

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