BIG EASY TO BIG EMPTY: The Untold Story of the Drowning on New Orleans...$14.95
BIG EASY TO BIG EMPTY: The Untold Story of the Drowning on New Orleans As Reported by Greg Palast

On August 22, 2006, reporter Greg Palast and producer Matt Pascarella were charged with criminal violations of the anti-terror laws by the Department of Homeland Security while making BIG EASY TO BIG EMPTY. And there is no doubt, this film is dangerous - to the regime of Washington.

Here is the real story of Hurricane Katrina you won't get on CNN. You'll follow investigative reporter Palast ("a cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes" - Jim Hightower) as he travels to New Orleans to investigate what has happened since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. On his visit, Palast discovers the population of New Orleans is minuscule, the reconstruction sparse, suicide rates climbing, and that many citizens have not, nor do they even know how to return to the city that care forgot. Palast exposes how:

  • The White House would not tell the state police that the levees of the city were about to burst and drown the disabled residents left behind.
  • How poor residents of the city were marched out of their houses at gunpoint-and now kept out by barbed wire in a scheme to turn New Orleans into a whiter, more Republican tourist town, "Six Flags Over Louisiana."

    Palast takes you inside the offices of the political cronies of the Bush Administration who planned the evacuation - until he's thrown out by perps. You'll get a look inside FEMA's "Guantanamo on wheels" for Katrina survivors.


  • Tomorrow's New Orleans: Whose City Will it Be? A no-holds-barred, half-hour conversation with Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!); Greg and Amy discuss who is accountable for the ongoing disastrous situation in New Orleans and Washington's continuing attack on the survivors of Katrina.
  • An audio excerpt on Katrina and New Orleans from Palast's New York Times Bestseller, Armed Madhouse.
  • Special extended interviews from Louisiana State University's Hurricane Center and the inspiring crew that is fighting to rebuild their city against the odds.
  • Crescent City Music, The "New Orleans Comes Alive-One Year Later" slideshow and more.
  • Contains a Collector's Edition booklet with the exclusive essay "Busted" by Greg Palast.

    30 MINS + 60 MINS - Documentary: Current Affairs / Political Science

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