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Everything You Know About God Is Wrong...$24.95
Everything You Know About God Is Wrong Think you know God? Disinformation takes on religion as only it can.

In the new mega-anthology from bestselling editor Russ Kick, more than fifty writers, reporters, and researchers invade the inner sanctum for an unrestrained look at the wild and wooly world of organized belief:

  • The God Delusion author Richard Dawkins shows us the strange, scary properties of religion
  • Neil Gaiman turns a biblical atrocity story into a comic (that almost sent a publisher to prison)
  • Erik Davis looks at what happens when religion and California collide
  • Douglas Rushkoff exposes the trouble with Judaism
  • Paul Krassner reveals his “Confessions of an Atheist”
  • Bestselling lexicographer Jonathon Green interprets the language of religious prejudice

    Among the dozens of other articles and essays, you’ll find: a look at unbeliever Irving Berlin, creator of "God Bless America," the bizarre, Catholic-fundamentalist books by Mel Gibson’s father, eye-popping photos of bizarre religious objects and ceremonies – including snake-handlers and pot-smoking children, and rarely seen anti-religious writings from Mark Twain and H.G. Wells. Further topics include exorcisms, religious curses, Wicca, the Church of John Coltrane, crimes by clergy, death without God, Christian sex manuals, failed prophecies, bizarre theology, an entertaining look at the best (and worst) books on religion, and much more.

    Edited by Russ Kick
    JUNE 2007 • Oversized Softcover
    • 8-/12 x 10-7/8 • 400 pages / 40 photos • Pop Culture / Religion / History
    ISBN: 978-1-932857-59-7 Rights : WORLD

    Temporarily Sold Out
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