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Temple Beautiful Vinyl + FREE CD Bundle - $22.00

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Comes with a FREE copy of the CD!

Track Listing
1. Play That Song Again 2:43
2. Castro Halloween 4:12
3. Temple Beautiful 3:34
4. Museum of Broken Hearts 3:56
5. Willie Mays Is Up at Bat 4:58
6. The Left Hand and the Right Hand 3:45
7.I Felt Like Jesus 2:57
8. Who Shot John 3:47
9. He Came from So Far Away (Red Man Speaks) 3:31
10. Little Girl, Little Boy 2:08
11. White Night, Big City 3:23
12. Emperor Norton in the Last Year of His Life (1880)3:44
Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins Vinyl - $19.99

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This unique 12 inch includes a 2 1/2 inch diameter red button badge with a ‘BOBBY FULLER DIED FOR YOUR SINS’ logo. And the button is housed in a gatefold sleeve. Not to mention it's 180 grams of vinyl. That's a lot of grams. Go ahead and try snorting that, kids.
180gm Vinyl w/ Download Card
Track Listing
1. Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins
2. Your Skin
3. Open Up Your Heart
4. Coming Out in Code
5. Killing Machine
6. Bad Year for Rock and Roll
7. Jesus Was a Social Drinker
8. In the Mausoleum (for Alan Vega)
9. Rider or the Train
10. If I Was Connie Britton
11. Post-war Cinematic Dead Man Blues
12. We Got Up and Played
13. Alex Nieto
Night Surfer Vinyl - $20.00

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- 180 gram vinyl
- includes CD + Full Album Download

Track Listing
01. Countrified Inner City Technological Man
02. Wish Me Luck
03. Guilty As A Saint
04. They Dont Know About Me And You
05. Lonely Desolation
06. Laughing On The Inside
07. If I Was A Baby
08. Ford Econoline
09. Felony Glamour
10. Tell Me Anything (Turn To Gold)
11. Truth Will Out (Ballad of Melissa and Remy)
12. Love Is The Only Thing
Let Freedom Ring! Vinyl - $20.00
Track Listing
1. Sonny Liston's Blues
2. What Can a Mother Do
3. Where the Hell is Henry?
4. ¡Let Freedom Ring!
5. You and Me Baby (Holding On)
6. American Man
7. Barely Exist
8. Hot Talk
9. Love Won't Keep Us Apart
10. Good Time Crowd
11. Leave the Window Open
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