A History of Irish Music Book - $20.00

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From Medieval Wexford to Midtown Manhattan Larry Kirwan tells the story of Irish music to a backdrop of war, social upheaval and revolution. From Viking invader to Sean ORiada, Oliver Cromwell to Rory Gallagher, James Connolly to Van Morrison in a clash of uilleann pipes, armalites and electric guitars. The story moves with the Diaspora to The Pogues London, Dropkick Murphys Boston and Black 47s New York City. Pulsing, passionate, occasionally tragic - through the eyes of an insider. 347 pages.
 Thomas Keneally, Author of Schindlers List
Mad Angels: The Plays of Larry Kirwan - $20.00
"Mad Angels is a collection of Larry Kirwan's plays. They range through subjects like the rock & roll (Liverpool Fantasy/Days of Rage), politics (Mister Parnell/Blood), and boxing (Night in the Garden). All the plays have been produced and the casts/directors/tech staffs/theatres are noted. The plays are all available for production and provide many stirring original monologues suitable for actors' auditions.

Liverpool Fantasy wonders what would have happened to The Beatles, and the world at large, if they'd never made it. This most frequently produced of Kirwan's plays has been staged at the Dublin Theatre Festival and Off-Broadway.

Mister Parnell takes place on the night before the "Uncrowed King of Ireland," Charles Stewart Parnell was cited in a famous divorce case. It is essential reading for anyone interested in either the case or the period. That night changed ireland's course in history and is still having ramifications today.

Blood deals with the three days that revolutionary socialist, James Connolly, went missing in early 1916 and his supposed encounter with Padraig Pearse and Sean MacDermott, leaders of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Kirwan specualates on what might have happened during the "kidnapping. " And why this most practical of men joined a collection of poets, misfits, educators and pragmatists in a tragice uprising against the might of the British Empire.

Days or Rage takes place in New York's East Village in the mid-80's. It chronicles the descent into violent delusion of Stevie Hero, a rock & roll singer who decides to take one last stab at fame in the company of James Joyce and a Che Guevara like figure. This is a musical containing some songs that went on to become staples of early Black 47 set lists.

Night in the Garden examines Frankie Riley, a "Great White Hope" from Brooklyn and the effect of his rise to fame on his handlers and family. It also deals with the power of the media and the lure of celebrity.
Green Suede Shoes: An Irish-American Odyssey - $20.00
This rock 'n' roll Angela's Ashes begins in County Wexford, Ireland, in the late 1950s, a now unrecognizable, priest-fearing backwater suffocating in superstition and strangled by sexual fevers. After an escape to the Bronx, Larry finds himself, like a musical Zelig, side by side with the Ramones and Blondie at CBGBs; the brothers McCourt, Lester Bangs, and Nick Tosches at The Bells of Hell; the Guinness soaked regulars of Paddy Reilly's; Cyndi Lauper while she ascends and burns; Joe Strummer, Rick Ocasek, Neil Young, and Shane McGowan. The shootings at the Academy and the tragic death of soundman Johnny Byrne punctuate the revels and excesses and presage the gloom cast by 9/11 and the loss of Father Mychal Judge and so many friends. Green Suede Shoes remembers three decades of a lost New York, and celebrates the music and song in which it now lives.

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