The Best of Times, Benefiting Theatre Action Project
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Track Listing
1. Simply - Performed by Willie Nelson
2. Woman Waiting to Happen - Performed by Patrice Pike
3. Two Days Today - Performed by Graham Wilkinson
4. E Cosi Desio Me Mena - Performed by Andrea Perry
5. Give it Every Little Thing You've Got - Performed by Ray Von Foster
6. Larger Than Life - Performed by After Math
7. I Couldn't Help Myself - Performed by LZ Love
8. False Pretenses - Performed by Nauer Neverly Brothers
9. Risk - Performed by David Garza w/Todd Wolfson
10. Tiny Movies - Performed by Gretchen Phillips
11. After the Fall - Performed by Colin Gilmore
12. Last Night Was a Big Rain - Performed by Rhett Miller
13. Eye of the Storm - Performed by Elizabeth Wills
14. Open Up To Me - Performed by Shelley King
15. Strong Woman - Performed by Marcia Bell
16. The Best of Times - Performed by Trish Murphy with Charlie Sexton and Skyrocket
17. It's in the Water - Performed by Djembabes
18. Take Me With You - Performed by Christine Albert and Chris Gage
19. Under the Sycamore Tree - Performed by Robert Earl Keen

1. Shadowboxing - Performed by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
2. Dear Tracy - Performed by Abra Moore w/ Mitch Watkins
3. Standing Ground - Performed by Jimmy La Fave
4. I Wear the Crown - Performed by Sarah Fox w/ Joel Guzman
5. Comfort's Sigh - Performed by The Flatlanders
6. Sister and Sam - Performed by Betty Soo
7. Joy - Performed by Ana Egge
8. Kayaking - Performed by White Ghost Shivers
9. The Place Where the Garage Used to Stand - Performed by Trout Fishing in America
10. No Name For Love - Performed by Darden Smith
11. Time Will Tell - Performed by Shawn Colvin
12. The One - Performed by Jess Klein
13. Hey, Where Ya Goin'? - Performed by The Daze
14. The Very Thing - Performed by Joe McDermott
15. Matter Of Time - Performed by Suzanna Choffel
16. Look At It This Way - Performed by Ruthie Foster
17. Too Fast - Performed by The Sutcliffes
18. Middle Of A Little Contry Road - Performed by Matt The Electrician
19. Simply - Performed by Brave Combo

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