If you are buying on behalf of an organization (religious or non-profit), library, college, university or institution to screen publicly or include in an organization's library, you will need to obtain a Public Performance License, usually for a fee.

What is a Public Performance License?
When you buy a regular DVD you are allowed in perpetuity to show it in your private residence(s) to a limited number of personal friends and family. However, distributors and/or producers are the owners of the right to perform copies of their film outside of one's home (i.e. publicly), even when there is no charge for the public performance. However, the owner of this right can provide others with a public performance license, which allows them to show the film outside their home in a non-commercial venue. Usually there is a non-refundable fee charged to acquire these rights. Furthermore, holders of this public performance rights can and do place a number of limitations in the license as to where the performance can be held, whether the license will expire, and other terms of use.

Who needs to buy a Public Performance License?
Anyone or any group who plans to show the film outside of the buyers home, if it is shown in conjunction with an event sponsored by an organization, and/or if it is to become part of an organization's personal library. Usually these rights need to be obtained by non-profit organizations, churches, colleges, universities, and institutions. Even libraries need to obtain this license, even if no single public event may be planned around it. Libraries include the copy of the film in their catalogue and, thus, share the video amongst its members, therefore creating a virtual public performance.

Can I charge admission or a donation for the screening?
The public performance license does not allow you to charge admission (which includes donations at the vent) or hold the screening in a commercial venue (e.g. a movie theater). If you would like to charge an admission or donation and/or screen the film at a commercial venue, you will need to sign a screening agreement with Unify Films. For more information, please contact thigpen@unifyfilms.com.

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