Alive Inside

Alive Inside Educational Toolkit...$99.99
This toolkit is intended for school use only. Only customers affiliated with educational institutions can purchase.

- ALIVE INSIDE Theatrical DVD and DVD Extras (The full length theatrical version of ALIVE INSIDE runs 74 minutes, 70 if you skip the end credits.)
- Link to ALIVE INSIDE Educational Excerpts DVD (22 minutes)
- ALIVE INSIDE Guide–this jam packed guide includes lesson plans and links
- NEW! Welcome Letter from director Michael Rossato-Bennett (Michael offers his advice how to use your toolkit!)
- USB Flash Drive with ALIVE INSIDE Tools and Resources including:
Common Sense Media lesson plans
Dementia simulation tools
- ALIVE INSIDE Wristbands, and Headphone splitter

License Details:
These ALIVE INSIDE Educational DVDs are Donor subsidized for K-12 use only, and come with a public screening license for in classroom Educational Facility use only. All such exhibitions must be in classroom and include educational presentations and/or activities before and/or after the screening. No admission can be charged and this license excludes Semi-Theatrical, Nursing homes, commercial theaters and College/University screenings. Non classroom Performance Licenses for Semi-Theatrical screenings are not subsidized and must be obtained through the film's Distributor here-
This license extends only to the site for which it is purchased.

The Educator's DVD and Toolkit is a Region 1 DVD that features an English audio track with English and Spanish subtitles available. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds and all sales are final.



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