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"In Every Town makes me truly excited for the future scenes, show spaces, bands, kids and organizers it will inspire with its wisdom and ingenuity." - --Jessica Hopper, author of The Girls' Guide to Rocking

"Music is for all people. Strange how many people forget this once they cross that invisible line of the drinking age. Luckily there are those who not only believe in that idea, but have been committed to creating all-ages spaces that celebrate it. AMP lays it out for all to see in this book. They make it political, they make it practical, they make it happen. " --Ian MacKaye, Fugazi

"This down-to-earth narrative is packed with candid, valuable advice. An intriguing, one-of-a-kind book offering much food for thought to anyone concerned about youth/artistic outreach and providing alternative and creative cultural options for their communities." --Library Journal

It's in your hands. You have the power to create space for music and youth in your community. This book is your toolkit, your road map; your survival guide. Collecting the knowledge and insights of organizers & activists from successful projects big and small, from inner cities to small towns, hiphop to indie rock, youth centers to radical DIY collectives, it's everything you need to get started.

Part history and part how-to, In Every Town uses a group of amazing organizations to highlight some of the most important factors in starting all-ages spaces and youth music organizations, from finding the right space, to building community relationships, to grassroots promotion & marketing. Accompanying the book is a free downloadable soundtrack providing a window into homegrown music communities nationwide.

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