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18 March Favorites

Performed By: The Washington Winds, Edward Petersen, Conductor

Try to sit still while listening to these 18 incredible marches flawlessly performed by the Washington Winds. Outstanding marches, outstanding band, outstanding recording....Can't be beat!

Track Listing
Title Composer/Arranger
1. Robinson's Grand Entree K.L. King arr. Loras Schissel
2. Chimes of Liberty E.F. Goldman
3. Under The Double Eagle J.F. Wagner arr. Andy Glover
4. The Big Cage K.L. King
5. Military Escort H. Bennet arr. James Swearingen
6. Invercargill March A.F. Lithgow arr. Andy Glover
7. Zacatecas G. Codina arr. Andy Glover
8. On The Mall E.F. Goldman
9. Circus Days K.L. King arr. Loras Schissel
10. Kentucky Sunrise K.L. King arr. Robert Foster
11. Invictus K.L. King
12. Rough-Riders K.L. King arr. James Swearingen
13. Torch Of Liberty K.L. King
14. Our Heritage K.L. King arr. James Swearingen
15. Pan American K.L. King
16. Lexington March K.L. King arr. James Swearingen
17. Monterey March K.L. King
18. Colossus Of Columbia R. Alexander arr. Glenn Bainum
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