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CAKE - Vinyl Box Set

The CAKE Vinyl Box Set is comprised of eight CAKE albums manufactured on 175g audiophile quality colored vinyl with fully restored artwork for each title and remastered for optimum sound. From the band's critically acclaimed debut album, "Motorcade of Generosity," to their #1 Billboard album chart debut "Showroom of Compassion," the CAKE box set includes every recording of the band's 20 year career as well as a previously unreleased live album, "Live From the Crystal Palace."

Along with the box set, CAKE is releasing a 7" Vinyl Single Box Set containing 6 discs on virgin vinyl. Each 7" record is pressed on a different vinyl color and features distinctive 4-color artwork sleeves.

Pre-order the Vinyl Box set today and it will ship to you in September. Check out all the bundles and other merch available!

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Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics

Releasing July 22nd, Richard Thompson's Acoustic Classics CD is a collection of newly recorded acoustic versions of many of his landmark songs. The Wall Street Journal debuted "I Want to See The Bright Lights Tonight" this week, check it out here.

Don't forget, 3 of Richard Thompson's CDs are now discounted for a limited time only! Get Semi-Detached Mock Tudor or Austin City Limits Live CDs for only $10, and Sweet Warrior CD for $7.00!

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Sara Hickman - Newborn Too

From Sara: “I’m thrilled to announce the latest addition to my music collection is for children, parents and ANYONE having trouble sleeping. I promise you will sleep because every time I listened back to check on edits, song arrangements, etc, I fell into a deep slumber. (And this is a singular time I WANT people to fall asleep to my music!) So, if you enjoy the love and care on the original Newborn, created after Lily Blessing was born, you’ll love snoozing through songs by me, songs from musicals, Billy Joel, John Lennon, the Sherman Bros., David Roth, up and coming songwriters and a special song called “Welcome Home,” written by Eddy Hobizal and myself.”

We have some great bundles available, including both Newborn and Newborn, Too for a discounted price. These make great gifts for the parents-to-be!

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The Howlin’ Brothers - Trouble

The Howlin’ Brothers latest release, Trouble, was produced and engineered by indie rocker Brendan Benson of The Raconteurs and solo career fame. Benson describes Trouble as “effortless artistry . . . woebegone, lovelorn and wrought with pain, but not without installments of lightheartedness and beauty, downtrodden and then uplifted.” He adds, “The Howlin’ Brothers are somehow able to conjure images of a bygone era and make it believable. The Howlin’ Brothers live the life they sing about in their songs. They are authentic and the real deal through and through. On top of that, they are the hardest working musicians I've come across. They play their instruments every waking moment and are truly possessed by music.”

Benson recently joined the Howlin’ Brothers at a record release party and it was featured in Rolling Stone magazine. Click here to order Trouble on CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download!

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Empyrium - The Turn Of The Tides

Twelve years after their last studio effort Weiland, Empyrium - the masters of natural ambiances set to music - return with a much-anticipated new album. Notwithstanding their creative break, The Turn Of The Tides is an Empyrium-album par excellence, although it bears strong testimony to the artistic and personal growth Schwadorf and Helm have undergone since 2002. The Turn Of The Tides addresses cycles, both within nature - the tides of the sea, the change of seasons, the eternal circulation of water - as well as human life, and insinuates how everything rediscovers itself in everything.

Along with the new release, Empyrium is putting out a Vinyl Box Set containing all their recordings in a collectible wooden box. The box itself is made of pine and beech wood from Empyrium's home in Rhoen/Franconia and comes with an embossed Empyrium branding. "1994 - 2014" is limited to 500 copies.

Preorder now in the Prophecy store, releases July 18th.

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Current Specials

Sundy Best - Huge sale in the Sundy Best store! Also, check out Rolling Stone magazine’s recommendation of Sundy Best as one of the 10 New Country/Americana Artists you need to know this summer!

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4th of July Music!

Need some patriotic background music for your upcoming 4th of July party?. Stop by the Walking Frog Records online store to download some classic music like Broad Stripes and Bright Stars and Stars and Stripes and Sousa! Click here to begin shopping (Concert Band/Wind Ensemble Albums/ March Albums).

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