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Daybreak - $15.00

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Track Listing
1. Easy Come, Easy Go
2. Don't Pick Me Up
3. All Because of You
4. Bombshell
5. Best Buy
6. I'll Always Be Waiting For You
7. The Land Of Living
8. What Do YOu Say?
9. Tell Me Tomorrow
10. Daybreak
11. Chasin' Skies
12. Wouldn't Matter to Me
Download Daybreak - Digital Album Now...$9.99

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Secrets - $15.00

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Track Listing
1. Secrets
2. From Now On
3. Two Winding Rails
4. Smashville
5. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
6. Pretend
7. If You Can Tame My Heart
8. That's All I Can Say
9. The Hard Way
10. Hullarious
11. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
12. Only My Heart
13. Trust And Obey
Download Secrets - Digital Album Now...$9.99

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Angel Mountain - Digital Album - $9.99
Track Listing
1. Big Sciota
2. What A Friend
3. Salt Creek
4. Angel Mountain
5. Amazing Grace
6. Cherokee Shuffle
7. Sierra's Waltz
8. Ice On The Road
9. Little Rabbit
10. Gold Rush

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Secrets Songs and Tunes DVD - ON SALE! - $35.00

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Sierra Hull started her first year of college in 2009, and is already one of the most celebrated mandolinists in and around bluegrass music. While still in high school she released her debut CD, Secrets, on Rounder Records. On this 2-DVD set Sierra teaches the mandolin solos she plays on Secrets, plus a number of instrumentals she recorded as a pre teen.

To get things started, AcuTab's John Lawless leads Sierra through a discussion about how she came to be a stunning virtuoso at such a young age, including her early influences and inspirations. The bulk of the video, however, is all music with 10 complete songs and tunes demonstrated, taken from her critically-acclaimed debut album Secrets, from Rounder Records (CDROUN0601).

Sierra teaches these songs carefully and in great detail. She and John discuss each solo before it is demonstrated by an all-star band, and then she breaks it down, piece-by-piece. Even though a few of the solos are fairly difficult, the way she teaches puts them within the reach of most pickers. She goes slowly, breaking each solo into easily-digestible bits, stringing them all together in a format accessible to beginning and intermediate students.

The material taught in this 2-DVD set will be within the reach of any intermediate to advanced mandolin player/student, and most new players will profit from working through these songs as well. Each is demonstrated in great detail at a slow speed, making it easy to understand.

Songs taught include:
Smashville, Sierra's Waltz, That's All I Can Say, Ice On The Road, Hullarious, Everybody's Somebody's Fool, From Now On, Abscence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, Secrets
A printed booklet with tab and standard notation is included.
Sinking Clock Tour Poster- AUTOGRAPHED - $15.00

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Measures 16 x 24 inches.
Sierra Hull Ladies Tshirt - ON SALE! - $8.00

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Color: Gray
Sierra Hull Tshirt - ON SALE! - $8.00

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