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9 Scott H Biram CDs for $110 - $110.00

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Something's Wrong/Lost Forever
This is Kingsbury?
Preachin and Hollerin
Lo-Fi Mojo
The Dirty Old One Man Band
Graveyard Shift
Bad Ingredients
Nothin' But Blood
The Bad Testament
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Bad Ingredients CD - $15.00

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Track Listing
1. Just Another River
2. Dontcha Lie To Me Baby
3. Open Road
4. Victory Song
5. Born in Jail
6. Broke Ass
7. I Want My Mojo Back
8. Wind Up Blind
9. Memories of You Sweetheart
10. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
11. Killed a Chicken Last Night
12. Black Creek Risin'
13. Hang Your Head and Cry

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