I'm Free - $14.95
If Jimmy Buffet grew up in Detroit, it would sound like this. Rays new album "I?'M FREE" equals and surpasses his earlier hits. Produced, composed, arranged and sung by Parker, "I'M FREE" showcases a new found beginning for this exceptional artist and embraces a variety of musical styles including Urban, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and Reggae. "This album represents a lot more than just a song or a project," says Ray. For the first time in many years I feel free to express myself the way I used to when I first started!"

Utilizing the cream of L.A.'s studio A team along with Ray himself on both acoustic and electric guitar, "I'M FREE" exhibits a new maturity for the man who first gained fame writing and recording youth based love songs, both with his band RAYDIO ("You Can'T Change That") and later as a solo artist ("Ghostbusters"). With more adult themes to sing about, Ray wrote every song on the album with the exception of the David Gates/Bread hit "Guitar Man." From the beautiful acoustic guitar opening on "Mexico" to the closing instrumental "Gibson's Theme," Parker takes the listener on a heartfelt journey that is both musically stunning and lyrically moving.

Track Listing
01. Mexico
02. Glass of Wine
03. Middle Age Crisis
04. Mismaloya Beach
05. The Guitar Man
06. I'm Free
07. Rum Punch
08. Sunset Ray
09. Forgive Me
10. The Book
11. Gibson's Theme