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The Calling CD - $8.00

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Track Listing

1. I Won't Give Up
2. Say
3. I Used To Hold You
4. Be Where You Are
5. The Calling
6. Push Me Over
7. God's Children
8. Blame
9. Woman Waiting To Happen
10. Count On You
11. Swimming
12. Firefly
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Live at the Brushwood Lounge: Vol. 2.5 - Digital Album - $4.95
Austin singer/songwriter Patrice Pike has found a true home away from home in Murphys, a tiny gold rush town in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. Her repeat visits over the past eight years have yielded a deep connection with place, a host of friends and fans, and an ongoing stream of fruitful creative collaborations. The intimate Black Bart Theater has provided the perfect setting to perform and to record. "Live at the Brushwood Lounge, Volume 2.5," a five-song EP recorded the evening of July 26, 2011, offers further evidence of Patrice's movement in the direction of soul and R&B. Aided by sax man Rick Moore and percussionist Jens Jarvie, both natives of the foothills, as well as her longtime bassist Glenn Mcgregor, she serves up a soulful and often euphoric five song epilogue to "Live and Then Some: Brushwood Lounge Volume 2," released earlier this year.

Track Listing
1. Can I Count On You
2. God's Children
3. What's the Trouble
4. Me and Smooth
5. Woman Waiting to Happen
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Live and Then Some: Brushwood Lounge, Vol. 2 - $8.00

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A passionate live performance of Pike's original R&B tinged Americana at the intimate Brushwood Lounge!

Track Listing

1. Mystery GirlBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
2. Sweet NovemberBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
3. Push Me OverBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
4. What's The TroubleBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
5. TempleBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
6. RufusBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
7. Honey Tree LieBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
8. I Used To Hold YouBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
9. Daddy's GoneBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
10. Guilty SinBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
11. BabylonBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
12. ChicoBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
13. Under The RadarBuy This MP3 Now! - $.79
Download Live and Then Some: Brushwood Lounge, Vol. 2 - Digital Album Now...$9.99

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Live At The Brushwood Lounge CD - $10.00
Acoustic CD

1. Jackknife Girl
2. Hopeful Morning
3. Lost Criminals
4. Mystery Girl
5. Honey Tree Lie
6. St. Louis's Balcony
7. Kiss Me Baby
8. Messenger
9. Butterfly
10. Pressure and Heat
11. Under The Radar
12. Chico
13. More
Download Live At The Brushwood Lounge - Digital Album Now...$8.99

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New Cool Sampler CD - $6.00
This is the first Patrice Pike solo material available EVER!

1. Pressure and Heat
2. Dragonfly
3. Ridiculous Mess
4. Father Time
Download New Cool Sampler - Digital Album Now...$4.99

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Unraveling CD - $10.00

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Download "Beautiful Thing" single - $.99

1. Beautiful Thing
2. Unraveling
3. Rufus
4. New Cool
5. Ridiculous Mess
6. Dragon Fly
7. What's The Trouble
8. Pressure & Heat
9. We Never Lie
10. Temple