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The Eugene 'Zine - $15.00

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This is a hand-made, 34-page 'Zine I put together for a recent tour. It's a collection of odds-and-ends that I cut-up and taped onto paper and photocopied (like when I was a teenager!). It's got restaurant recommendations, weird lists, skits, photographs, a Reddit monologue I wrote for Samuel Jackson, the original filled-out Cupid bit & other random stuff.
Limited Edition Commemorative Plate - $30.00

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Live Album Recording Poster - $15.00

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Limited edition, numbered, hand-screen printed on high quality paper posters from Eugene's album recording in Seattle, WA, June 2014.
The Will To Whatevs; A Guide To Modern Life - Book - $12.99

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2009 Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Tote Bag - $5.00

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Comes with Magic Grip Jar Opener!
2008 Comedy Festival Poster - $5.00

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Measures 24" Long x 18" Wide
Let's Party! - Poster - $5.00

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Limited Edition Silk Screened Poster. Only 200 Made! This painting was part of the backdrop for Eugene Mirman's Comedy Central Presents.

Measures: 25" Long X 20" Wide
God is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy With Asperger's - CD - $12.00

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Track Listing
1. Hello and Several Jokes on Topics Ranging from Elevators to Goofing Around on a Whale Watch
2. My Gas Got Shut Off - Boo!
3. Vancouver, Detroit, and Bears!
4. Divisive Online Banner Ads
5. America Is Better than Abortion
6. The Questionable Polls of Russia Today
7. I Found an iPod
8. The Will to Whatevs Book Tour and an Amazing Boy with Asperger's
9. Classmates.com
10. Sex, ??? AirLIES, and Videotape: A Three-Part Radio Play Very Based on a True Story
11. My Letter to ??? Airlines, Your Postcard to ??? Airlines
En Garde, Society! - CD - $12.00

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CD & DVD Two Disc Set!

Track Listing
1. Ever Get Drunk And...?
2. Joking And Lying, Jack In The Box, Extreme Bowling
3. Truth Or Dare, Dogs, Tube Steak Sex Guys
4. Leaning In Chelsea, Born Gay, Gay Brother, Sneezing,
5. Movie, Deep-Fried Stuffed Cheeseburger, What Kind Of Animal?, Red Tide, Abortion
6. The Right Stuff
7. Girlfriend, American Airlines, Scientists
8. Grandmother
9. Revolve (The Complete New Testament In The Form Of A Teen Magazine)
10. Swearing In Russian, Immigrating
11. Letters To Nouns
12. Horses Talking, Bathroom Door
13. Coupons For The Audience
14. Driving And Thinking
15. The Goodnight Song
The Absurd Nightclub Comedy Of Eugene Mirman - CD - $12.00

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CD & DVD Two Disc Set!

Track Listing
1. Hello, Credit Cards, Fidelity, Kids Say The Darndest Things
2. Seattle, Steakhouse
3. Florida
4. Dog, Dreams Predict The Future, My Own Culture, Jewish
5. Stalking, Bathroom
6. Russion And Atari
7. Teen Wolf, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights
8. Million, Rent A Car, Terminator And Matrix, My Day
9. I'm Nervous, Virginity, People Quoting Stuff They've Read, Not Too Funny To..., Being Followed
10. Shapes For Sale
11. Skatepunk, Ice Cream Store, Talking Dirty, Protester On The Street, Terrible Prositute, Nerd
12. Cupid
13. Fleet
14. Special Ed, Ladies?, Grandmother, Religion
15. Pot Ads
16. Mirman
17. Dub Plasma Edit-Face Joke Dance Party