Live From Austin TX CD/DVD Combo - $15.98

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This is a re-release by New West of Eric's 1988 performance on Austin City Limits that was formerly a CD and a separate DVD
Track Listing
1. Righteous
2. Love or Confusion
3. Steve's Boogie
4. Trail of Tears
5. Western Flyer
6. East Wes
7. C.W.
8. Camel's Night Out
9. Emerald Eyes
10. Cliffs of Dover
11. Desert Rose
12. Zap
13. Are You Experienced?
The Fine Art Of Guitar - $24.95

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Here is the follow-up to Eric's classic instructional DVD Total Electric Guitar. Building on that DVD, Eric goes on to show you: tempered tuning, pick and finger techniques, his famous Koto technique, slide guitar, volume swells for lead and slide plus a host of technical tips including multi-amp setup, action and string tension adjustments. The DVD also includes several exclusive live performances by Eric playing with his band! It all adds up to the ultimate electric guitar lesson! DVD Release Date: March 7, 2006 Run Time: 112 minutes Language: English Region: Region 1
Total Electric Guitar - $24.95

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Here is a unique opportunity to study with one of the great electric guitarists. Eric Johnson gives a master class in advanced picking techniques for speed and accuracy, left- and right-hand muting, blues bends, pedal steel-style bends, and unique chord voicings. There is much more too, all adding up to a truly great 90-minute electric guitar lesson from the man of whom Steve Morse said, Eric Johnson is so good it's ridiculous! Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish DVD Release Date: November 15, 2005 Run Time: 91 minutes
Anaheim - $15.99

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This exciting performance was shot at The Grove in Anaheim, CA on May 3, 2006 and includes three bonus tracks "The Wind Cries Mary" "Song For George" and "Song For Lynette" from a 2004 acoustic guitar and piano performance at the Galaxie Theater in Santa Ana, CA. This collection also features an interesting and candid interview segment with Eric.

Song Selections:

1. Summer Jam
2. My Back Pages
3. Trademark
4. Manic Depression
5. On The Way To Love
6. Rocktopus
7. S.R.V.
8. Little Bit Me Little Bit You
9. Cliffs Of Dover

Bonus Acoustic Performance:

1. Wind Cries Mary
2. Song For George
3. Song For Lynette
The Art Of Guitar DVD - $35.00
This is a region 1 DVD.

In this DVD, Eric shares his 10 must-know musical concepts in an intimate one-on-one format in his recording studio. Discover the techniques that have contributed to the genius of this guitar legend in his own words and detailed demonstrations. Eric covers his unique perspectives on improvisation, chords, lead guitar, songwriting, and much more. The second part of the DVD features a full-band performance as Eric, Chris Maresh (bass) and Tommy Taylor (drums) take you on a musical journey through eight never-heard-before songs! The fantastic audio and widescreen multi-camera visuals bring you right into the creative realm and mind of one of the world's top guitar talents! 1 hour, 19 minutes.