Rethink Afghanistan DVD...$19.95
Rethink Afghanistan DVD "RETHINK AFGHANISTAN is being shaped both as a film and a campaign at the same time." - The New York Times

RETHINK AFGHANISTAN is a groundbreaking, feature-length documentary about the United States - escalating military involvement in the Afghanistan war.

From award-winning filmmaker Robert Greenwald, creator of such films as "UNCOVERED: The War on Iraq" and "IRAQ FOR SALE: The War Profiteers", RETHINK AFGHANISTAN investigates the main issues surrounding Afghanistan - Troops, Pakistan, Cost of War, Civilian Casualties, Women in Afghanistan, and Terrorism - through the eyes of experts and the people of Afghanistan.

As U.S. bombs continue to detonate on innocent civilians, Afghanistan war-related costs continue to soar and U.S. involvement continues to create unintended consequences, RETHINK AFGHANISTAN showcases the importance of questioning U.S. involvement now.

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