Hosted by Richard Metzger

FEBRUARY 2007 • DSI033• 240 MINS • Live Performace: Pop Culture / Occultism

826262003395 ISBN: 978-1-932857-79-5 Rights : World

This Dual-Layer DVD contains an amazing four hours from The Disinformation Company’s massive counterculture event in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Highlights from the now legendary disinfo.Con event include appearances by Robert Anton Wilson, Marilyn Manson, Joe Coleman, Kenneth Anger, Grant Morrison and many more.

New York hadn’t seen anything like this since the Nova Convention in 1978; a quarter century later Disinformation’s keynote speakers Richard Metzger and Douglas Rushkoff ushered in a dizzying, day-long array of performances ranging from sword-swallowing to sanskrit chanting, interspersed with lectures and conversations with counterculture luminaries. Nothing beats actually experiencing an event like this in the flesh but this DVD comes pretty close to capturing the spirit of the counterculture as we lurch into the 21st century.

• Kenneth Anger
• Joe Coleman
• Adam Parfrey
• Mark Pesce
• Marilyn Manson
• Richard Metzger
• Grant Morrison
• Douglas Rushkoff
• Robert Anton Wilson
• Kembra Pfahler & the Girls of Karen Black

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